Dipping a toe in Sketchbook Vlogs

Hello, I have put together a little sketchbook Vlog for you to watch.
I have found in the last few weeks that i am yet again seeking sanctuary between the pages of my sketchbook and looking back through old character ideas as well as developing new ones.
It feels safe here with so much going on in my 'real' world.
I long to dive in and take the characters out of the pages onto canvas, but am sat on the sidelines.
I have a fear of painting, especially with acrylics on canvas, but this is my dream so i shall chip away at the fear.....do you have any creative fears ?
What holds you back ?

I hope you enjoy this little peek at old and new sketchbooks and my characters.


I am far from skilled in this video making, so please do share your thoughts and any suggestions you may have.

All my best wishes.
Heidi. M xxx


Tascha said...

Great video! Loved seeing your sketchbook as if I was right there looking at it in real life!

Jess said...

Well done with the video! If you're asking what my creative fear is, it's that, making a video! I did one a whie ago that was like a slideshow but I don't really count that as a proper one. I've thought about it for a long time so maybe one day! Great music choice by the way and it's lovely to look through your sketchbook! :)
Jess x

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Congratulations on making your first vlog. Loved seeing your work like this and such a great choice of music. Hope we see more.

Iris said...

Love your illustrations! So cute and characterful.

My biggest fear and what holds me back is the fear of not being good enough. I'm learning to push past it though and actually create in spite of any negative inner voices (and the results usually surprise me!).

Please give painting on canvas a go! It's scary but freeing!

Heidi McDonald said...

Hello all, thanks for stopping by.
I know this video was very basic but it was a start.
I appreciate you taking the time to watch it :) and sharing your thoughts.

I really relate to the fear of not being good enough, its held me back a lot in life but we need to battle through the negativity and flourish xxx

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