She Stood In The Storm

She Stood In The storm, And When The Wind Did not blow her Way She Adjusted Her Sails. This is a new painting i recently did in watercolours and inks. I recently found a local printer so i have decided on doing a range of illustrated quote, positive happy quote mainly, Quite excited by this idea and eager to get a range or prints together...i have lots of ideas!  Do you have a favourite Quote that you would like to see illustrated ?

I also have a very lovely feature over on  from Writer
Michael Linford.
Do check out his blog as he has great features on a Artists, Writers and Musicians.

Would love to hear from you.
What are you thoughts on my latest piece ?
Is there a quote that gives you hope ?

With Love
Heidi. M xxx


Helen Deakin said...

Hey Heidi, i think doing illustrations with possitive quotes is a great idea, and your work is always so good too.

i will have a think about a quote i think would be good too..

Helen Deakin xx

Lucy Chen said...

Heidi, your illustrations are so cute! I love your banner one, too!

Maria said...

I love your sweet faces! The art work gives a delicate impression too. So lovely! Would make great illustrations for picture books!

Heidi McDonald said...

Hi Helen, thanks for stopping by and your lovely comments.

Hi Lucy Great to see you here :)

Maria, welcome to my blog. It would be my dream to illustrate chidlrens books :)

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