I have been Gone too long

I have been gone too long. Its been a while but so pleased to tell you i am back !
There was lots and lots going on with technical blog problems and health.
But i am here and so excited as there are lots of changes ahead, ones that i feel ready to start and share here on my beloved blog.

 This is where my creative journey all began 4 years ago and i have missed posting far too much.
I hope that i can tempt you all back with the promise of a new look blog soon, tutorials, the second section to sketch book stories as well as heaps of features on my art, materials i use and guest spot interviews. 
Life has so many twists and turns and i hope this part is a lot smoother and i am thankful i have my creativity to see me through.

When your day ends with paint covered paper and hands you know its been a good one.

I hope so much to see you all back reading my blog and would love as always  to hear from you.

With Love Heidi xxx


Erin K said...

Welcome back, Heidi. <3 You've been missed! ^_^ So happy to see your lovely work again in bloggerland. Much love and creativity to you this week. ^_^

Julie said...

Welcome Back Heidi. Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful artwork soon. :)

Heidi McDonald said...

Hello Erin K, what a lovely welcome. Thank you, and Thanks for stopping by :)

Hi Julie, great that you stopped by....more artwork on its way :)

Iris said...

Hi Heidi, I'm here from the Flying Lesosns FB group. I love your illustrations, they're so cute!! I'm in a similar position as you, I used to be much more active with blogging, arting, creating videos, but been away for over 4 years. I really feel like I've lost my audience and it's difficult to build it up again (I'm so impatient!) but also exciting to have a new start!

Heidi McDonald said...

Hi Iris,
welcome to my blog :)
Like you i am so impatient, i have missed my blog as a good way to show my latest ideas, am sure your blog friends will return.
And hopefully some tips will emerge from flying lessons

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