Sketchbook Stories Begins.

Sketchbook Stories has now begun ! And we are kick starting the workshop off with a interview with the  wonderfully inspiring Mindy Lacefield. 
You will  find a exciting Sketchbook prompt at the end of the interview and i thought it would be great fun to get stuck into this and meet back here next wednesday with our explorations. I plan to do a little film of my sketchbook process to show you all.
Email me at  if you would like to share your sketchbook pages here from Mindy's Prompts.
So lets begin....

1.When did you sketchbook Story Begin ? 
I have been using a sketchbook/journal seriously for about the last 4-5 years. I haven't always known what to do with a sketchbook but soon realized that I enjoy capturing gesture paintings and quick painting/collage studies in my sketchbook. For me it's more about painting and gluing and less about actual drawing.

2.How does your sketchbook help you in your creative process ?
It has helped me simply by loosening up and exploring textures and composition

3.If you could fix a date with you and your sketchbook, where would you go ? 
and what would be your chosen inspiration ? Oh, definitely out into nature. There are a couple parks that I like to visit and a secret spot near a lake by my house.

4. What materials would you use ? I love to write in my journals, so for sure a soft 6b pencil and some washi tape to add found items into my journal. I also love using inktense pencils.

5.Do you have sketchbook prompt that you would like to share ?
 ( ie. doodle with your eyes shut, or rubber stamp a sketchbook page )
Yes! Do some stream of consciousness writing. Write for 3-4 minutes or however long it takes you to fill up a page or two in your moleskine. Then paint around certain words or short phrase that speaks to you. Add washi tape in randomly and then finish it off with some sparkle....I love stickles and glimmer glam.

I simply adore the pages of Mindy's Sketchbook, it really makes me excited to crack open the pages and get started.
Next Wednesday is jammed packed with a film of me exploring Mindys Sketchbook Prompt, along  with a new Interview by Catherine Constance and more sketchbook prompts to enjoy.
I hope to see lots of your wonderful sketchbook pages for us all to be inspired by.

I would love to read your comments as we kick start Sketchbook Stories.

With Love and Messy Sketchbook Pages

Heidi. M xxx


Alisa said...

Wonderful! I love this sketchbook idea, Heidi!!! Great fun - can't wait to see your film!!!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting and love seeing someone else's process. Jackie R x

Ruthzanoni said...

So glad i have found your blog :)

Barbara Pellizzari said...

Great! A really inspiring interview! I'll try to experiment on this way! ^_^ Barbara

Nolwenn said...

ooh I love it, thanks for sharing :)

Heidi McDonald said...

Hi Alisa, great you stopped by. Will be my first film on my sketchbook process so i am excited too !

Heidi McDonald said...

hey Jackie, so glad you stopped by x

Heidi McDonald said...

Ruth so great to have you here :) x

Heidi McDonald said...

Hey Barbara, welcome back, be great to see what you create x

Heidi McDonald said...

Nolwenn lovely to have you here, welcome. x

Pia Drent said...

Hi Heidi, such an inspiring post! I will try Mindy's prompt; I am a little bit scared of words myself, try to avoid them wherever possible, so using them should yield something new. Have fun with your film!

Miss Paula said...

Do some stream of consciousness writing.

Um....what is this??

Mavi BlueEagle said...

As always Mindy's interviews are sweet. I will try to follow the prompt. I will see. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

Jess said...

A lovely interview, I like Mindy's work. :) The prompt she gave is something I do myself sometimes, but I don't have any washi tape, just bits and bobs of paper that I've collected. If I've time I'd love to join in. I look forward to next Wednesday to see your video!
Jess xx

Lindsay Whimsy said...

Beautiful pages! I look forward to seeing your film! :)

Catherine Constance said...

Love Mindy's work and I'm going to try that prompt... :) xx

Helen said...

Love this idea and using my sketchbook is something I have pledged to do this year, come rain or shine.

It's always lovely to see other people's work and Mindy's is wonderful. I especially love her bird in a tree picture.

I will aim to join you on this journey xx

Heidi McDonald said...

Hi Pia, words i struggle with too but am having lots of fun creating this way.

Hi Paula, grab a page and write words that come into your head...maybe wait for my little video and see ?

Hi Mavi, great you stopped by and so pleased you enjoyed Mindy's Interview.

Jess so lovely you stopped by, i would love to see how you create with words.

Hi Lindsay and Catherine thanks for stopping by :)
Hi Helen welcome, so glad you are coming along on the journey....lots more coming up here :)

nini said...

Wow, gorgeous works! I especially love the last spread.

Sand said...

So glad i stumbled across your blog (even if i am a little late) some wonderful ideas here, thank you.

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