Sketchbook Stories Workshop Coming Soon

I write to you on the cusp on 2014, and for some across the world it already is.

I would like to wish you all New Beginnings, new paint filled adventures and new sparkles to light the way.
Happy 2014 !!!

Excitingly i have a magical workshop to kick start off the New Year.
It called ''Sketchbook Stories'' and features peeks inside inspirational artists sketchbooks, as well as sketchbook prompts to take you on art adventures and if that wasn't enough they also share with you there journey into where there Sketchbook Story first began ! plus lots, lots more.
I will also be showcasing my sketchbooks and sharing videos, as well as talking you through materials that i use along with my very own sketchbook prompts.

So who are the artists ?
I am literally jumping up and down when i share that i have the following inspirational artists for 
''Sketchbook Stories''

and me...

What do you need to do to sign up ?
You just need to sign up and follow my blog, if your not already.

Who is this workshop for ?
Everyone from the artistic to the non artistic, from the seasoned Sketch-booker and journaler to the 'but those white pages put me off' to the 'why use a sketchbook'
Anyone can jump on board.

How much does this cost ?
This is totally Free ! 

As there will be sketchbook prompts it would be great of you to share what you create, this would help grow the workshop into a wonderful art gathering of ideas , but there is no obligation to do so.

What Materials do i need ?
You just need a pen, pencil and paper or you can grab a new or old sketchbook/ notebook/ journal for the new year, grab some paints, pens and pencils. 
What every you have throw it on your desk ready :) 

Meet me back here on the 8th of January 2014
where YOUR ''Sketchbook Story'' begins....

Meanwhile feel free to message me with any questions or share your thoughts on this exciting new workshop.

With Love
Heidi. M



Manon Visser said...

Test test, yes I think it is working fine! I am looking forward to this Heidi. manonxx

Magic Love Crow said...

Happy New Year ;o) Wishing you all the best ;o) This workshop sounds like a lot of fun!

fox Carlson said...

You know I cannot wait to get started!!

Miss Paula said...

You know I am with you Dear Friend!!!!!

Barbara Pellizzari said...

Happy New Year Heidi!!! I can't wait to start this project!!! Hope it will be a great and creative 2014!

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