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Movie Magic
Showcasing my latest Portraits.


Ok less magic but I have a little video for you to see. You would not say its my directorial debut but i am learning about videos as its my hope to produce some little tutorials and works in progress.
Inspired by the wonderful illustration and art films out there,  i love to see how artists paint, how they develop with a painting or illustration and videos..or are they called something else ?
are a great way to show the processes.
As a person that grapples daily with the workings of a TV remote i feel i am on a uphill climb but i love a good challenge.
This is a film of my very latest custom portraits. They are going so well and i am overwhelmed and surprised at the requests i am receiving.

Love for you to share your thoughts on this little video ?

Do you have any tips ?

Have you tried filming ?

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Sarah Sj said...

Hi, I love this video and the gentle music choice was perfect for your lovely artwork! :)
Hope you are well!
Sarah (@loves2crochetuk) x

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