Portrait Painting and Pumpkins

 It's been a real thrill to be asked recently to create some very special portraits. This was something totally unexpected but an exciting journey in my Art & Illustration.

Straight from my cutting mat was this lovely family, This portrait was created as wedding present

Something more unique than a toaster, mind you i never got a toaster and i love Toast :) 

Commissions can be nerve wracking but i spend time going through lots of photos and sketching and making notes and its like building a story within the painting.

A recent Anniversary present commission i would also like to share with you,

I loved painting this and its now headed off to the USA to be with this lovely
stylish couple.

And lastly from my latest commissions i have this wedding card

I am enjoying working with watercolours and exploring building illustration with layers.

Its been great to do these custom art pieces and i hope to do more, but i thoroughly looking forward to exploring a few personal projects involving pumpkins.

Don't you just love a pumpkin ?


Manon Visser said...

Great works Heidi. Well done, they look fab as gifts!

Little Nore said...

Thank you Manon, so glad to see you back.
I love to make these portraits and i think as a gift there something a bit different.

Alisa Steady said...

I love your portraits, Heidi! So authentic, and personal. You have the magic touch. Your portrait of me I keep cherished in the studio! And can I just say I LOVE your pumpkins? Fantastic!! xo

Anonymous said...

Heidi you are such a wonderful artist! I love this blog xxx Desiree Taylor.

linda (dots n doodles) said...

These are so wonderful! I love the way that your art has developed into this style.

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