Adventures in Art and Crafts Fairs.

Adventures in Art and Crafts Fairs.
Hello, August saw me underneath a pile of framing and packing and stressing and planning all in preparation for my first ever arts and craft fair.

I have been so busy that i never had time to blog, but i thought i would fill you all in.
The day of the Fair was so exciting, i was going to meet a favourite creative pal of mine
Kitty Pinkstars and her Tiny dog called Tiny.
I had cards and prints and original paintings, all of which was met with lots of enthusiasm.

Burt and Gladys where a favourite as was hunky Burt in his fisherman scene.

Lots of greeting cards and badges

Original Art, watercolours and paper cut art.

It was a long day, very much worth it and i would love to do another.
Usually i am Heidi the Hermit in my studio, and meeting people was a positive experience.

Have you done any Arts and Craft Fairs ?

Do you like to Visit Arts and Craft Events ?

If so what usually draws you into a stall ?

I have lots more to fill you in on, especially all about my bespoke art that i am so happy to say is doing great....more soon *
With Love

Heidi. M 


Kyra Wilson said...

I've started doing fairs again too, it's been many years though. I like doing them, but the amount of work leading up to each one is quite daunting! I'm glad it went so well for you! For myself, I have learned the more inviting you make your booth, the better. Fake plants work, and if you have electricity? Twinkle lights!! :")

Manon Visser said...

Wonderful to see you are selling your lovely sweet people! Thanks for sharing this with us at Paper Saturdays. I hope you will come and join us again next week. ManonX

Little Nore said...

Hi Kyra i love the idea of twinkle lights, your right its so daunting leading up to it, so tiring on the day, but am hoping to do more fairs.

Little Nore said...

Hi Manon, i love your paper saturdays i must add your little advert for it.

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