Bloom 2013

It is 2013 already, Happy New Year !
Isn't it a great time for Goals, a time to renew, refresh and get stuck in ?
I would say that Resolutions in the New Year rather daunt me, so i am sticking to keeping it in the day. Resolving as each new day begins - so too do opportunities to Bloom.

Here is a page from my Sketchbook / Journal, ideas i have been working on over Christmas.
A whole bloom of colour, bright and vibrant - 

I love this quote and had to share, summing up totally my journal in art...

Also Over Christmas Frida came back to me as Inspiration, i am so glad she did.She is more a alternative Frida, i loved painting her

and her little Frida Doll.

And here is Frida as a finished Painting.

My First blog post in 2013 !
and i am  wanting to wish you all good health, happiness and creativity.
My plans for this Year is to Bloom  Creatively , i hope you will come along with me.

I would love to hear your Goals in 2013 ?

Is there a word you would like to Embrace this Year ?

Do we Like the alternative Frida ?

I will be back * blogging all about the Fabulous Mail art i am running, wonderful inspiring art and illustrations have been coming through my Door ! so more on that as well as a wonderful new feature peeking into  artist sketchbooks and Journals ! 

With Love

Heidi M


Jess said...

I love your alternative Frida and her little doll. :)
This year I would like to share your aim to bloom! My word for this year will be practice. (The idea came from blogland!) ;)
Jess xx

Micki Wilde said...

happy New Year hun!!

Wonderful new work, I have been rocking the bright colours too over the past few weeks although today's painting is all muted and rustic tones though lol

My word for the year is 'Happy' and I wish you a ton of Happy for this coming year x

Cameron said...

I like both works very much! I've never tried my hand at a Frida....yours is inspiring :)

The word that keeps coming to me is Intuition....I think I need to listen to mine more often.

Can't wait to see what the New Year holds for you!

Amalia K said...

Happy new year, Heidi! I love your new works, and your Frida is especially beautiful! I've never really channeled my goals in one word before, seeing there's usually too many things I wish for in one year! LOL. But I think if I were to choose one, it would be "soar".

All the best to you, my dear! xoxo

Manon said...

Happy new year Heidi!

Of course I love this cute little Frida, polka dots are Lottie's favourite.

My word is wordless so I can change it as the year comes along.

Oh and I forgot the third question lol was it something to do with resolutions?


Lucy Chen said...

I love your Frida, Heidi. Have a great 2013!

Kyra said...

Yup, we love the alternative Frida! :) My goal is a painting a week (just as soon as my husband goes back to work! He's worse than the kids in the house!) I also have health goals and more. Lots of goals, and no resolutions - just forward progress! :)

Magic Love Crow said...

Great new art and I love the quote! I have many goals I have set for myself this year, and I will accomplish them, I hope ;o) LOL! Happy New Year ;o)

Catherine Constance said...

Love the artwork and quote. I'm rubbish at resolutions... but I have goals that I have set myself this year . Finish course. Finish book. Finish projects started last year. All these things need to be done and so my word will probably be "Boot" very large one for kicking me into action and to stop thinking that I'm not good enough. I'm like the little train going up the hill..."I can do it, I can do it"
happy new year to you...xx

Norma Nellis said...

Estoy feliz de haber encontrado este blog.
Una amiga de Chile, me comentó sobre el mail art y lo bello que es.
Entonces comencé a buscar información en la web.
Encontré la imagen de una cara con ojos grandes y quedé embelesada.
Me gusta muchísimo lo que haces y soy seguidora de tu blog, desde este momento.
Trataré de animarme al intercambio.
Si quieres darte una vuelta por mi blog, para que mires lo que hago, la dirección es ésta:
Gracias por compartir tu arte.
Un abrazo.

PiaD said...

Yes I also like the new Frida, a lot! My word is a small phrase and it would be 'to boldly go' as in not letting my fears hold me back. I adore your sketch as well! Working hard on the art for your lovely swap!! <3 Pia

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