Stripy Socks and Waiting for the Bell to Ring

My Socks Today

Stripy Socks and waiting for the Bell to Ring

At 17 i was a stripy sock wearing teenager, hoping that all too soon school would finish and i could head home to disappear inside a book or pages of a sketch book.
I was not a huge fan of school, it was that place that dragged on and on, and unless i was in art or english i was clock watching. 
School seemed to favour the academics and view arty people as flakes, and non achievers.

Here is me  at 17 ( i am in the middle ) 

At 17 i was so unwilling to fit in, to head off study and get a steady job and life..that sure didn't happen!!!
I wanted to go to Art School study sculpture, live in france, eat cheese and wear my stripy socks.
I had a freedom and innocence or naivety around my art, i accepted that it was what i always wanted to and did not care less what other people thought, i wanted to create, to paint, to draw...and i lost all of that as i grew older.

Stopped wearing stripy socks, hung up my dreams, and tried to  fit in ( never happened :P ) and stopped the journey....
After years of ill health and being sad and stuck. 
That place where i left myself at 17 ? well i am discovering some of that all again through my latest art explorations. How magic that is !

Some mark making and collage/paint and pen on magazine papers.

I am remembering all the things that made me smile, the inspiration, the little things i loved but forgot.

Tim Burton - A huge inspiration of mine, a man who dared to be different and followed his dreams even after being kicked out of Disney !.
The online Class i taking "Paint Your Story" with Mindy Lacefield
Had such a fun exercise where we could draw a Tim Burton Inspired Character

And here is a mix media piece i came up with, using paint, tissue paper, lined paper, hey i threw a whole lot of stuff at this one...and i loved every second of doing this.

and this one, i would say this is more a reflection of how i am feeling in art, the colours bright and happy.

I hope i connect further with the 17 year me, the 7 year old and the me that liked to live in France, eat cheese and wear stripy  socks.

Love,  and Sunshine

Heidi M xxx


dawn said...

Aww lovely post!! I really know what you mean, I was so ready to take on the world at 17, I thought I could do anything, and then at some point you forget how to play, and experiment, and enjoy, and just 'be', and get too caught up in what you 'should' be doing. Bravo for connecting with that other you that got lost along the way! Bravo also for your love for striped socks and Tim Burton - I hear ya lady! :D

ersi marina said...

I'm all for stripey socks and eating cheese in Paris and being 17 forever! You found your way back and that is leading you to a magic way forward. These works are delightful. Yeay for you! ♥

Lunartis said...

Really loved reading your post.
it brought a little tear to my eye too, as I just realised i forgot how I used to feel with art when i was a teenager too. It's making a bit nostalgic now and a bit sad that I don't feel like that anymore or that perhaps that adult life reality made me forget it and abandon it too... oh, getting sad again... Thanks for reminding me :) xxx

tricky said...

when you're 17, if you get to Paris, and you get to eat cheese, it feels too easy... and it usually wears off... and then you want to go to japan, do installations and eat sushi... and then.. and so on... but if you're not 17 anymore, and you still want to live in Paris and eat cheese, then you know that's the right thing, and you should do everything you can to get it, because when you do, and you will, you'll know SO well to appreciate it... the way a 17yo you never could

Maximonstertje said...

Aww, I love this so much! I understand completely! I used to be like that too when I was 17 and somewhere along the way I got to busy trying to fit in (something that never really happened and didn't make me happy!) and I forgot about it! I'm so glad you found your way back too! Your characters still have that magical 17-year-old-looking-at-the-world kind of feel, I think! Yay, there's nothing like connecting with your inner child again! :D xxx

trudikate said...

That sounds so much like my time at school but I wanted to live in a cave on a beach in Greece not France!! I had a place in a good art college but met a boy with long hair who played the guitar and decided that I was in love and moved to Warrington to live with him. It all went pear shaped after a couple of yrs but I stopped my art and lost myself in writing and books instead!! That also stopped when I got married to someone else and had children. Recently I have rediscovered my drawing Thanks to Heidi and her smashing sunny work...I also would love to get back to my mid teens (not the horrible bits)

Catherine... said...

Hi Heidi, love this post. Life has a habit of destroying 17year old dreams.. I wanted to go to art school but didn't think I was good enough.. Then children came along and they were they are starting to live their dreams and I'm finding my way back to mine.
I went all over the world and have ended up in France...near Bordeaux, not quite Paris... The cheese is is the wine... I'm going to Poole to visit my bestest friend in August do you want to see if we can meet up for a coffee? :)

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