Christmas Wishes & Crafty Kisses

Christmas Wishes and Crafty Kisses to you all !

Can you believe Christmas is almost upon us ? I can't think where the year has gone.

I have done a little Christmas Illustration above using my new beloved promarkers, in celebration of Christmas approaching, perhaps i am a little late...
I want to send out special Christmas Wishes to you all. Thank you for stopping by this year, for your encouragement, feedback, honesty and inspiration  and making this blog so special.
I hope 2012 is wonderful sun lit and star filled year of creativity, love , light and happiness.
I have had a fabulous year creativity where some long held dreams have started to grow with in reach.
I Jumped right in and set up my Etsy shop which has been steadily growing, lots of hard work and learning curves.
Continued to meet amazing talented, generous and inspiring people who have helped me too along my creative journey.
I am signed up to fabulous agent and am now working on my first Children's Book.
And i continue to be excited and enthralled by drawing and creating stories.

Much love to you all

Heidi xxx


Kittypinkstars said...

It's been a magical year huh? And we made friends..That was really special! You are one super lady! <3

Heidi M said...

we where meant to be friends, one inspiring lady of pink puff of magic :D

The Secret Hermit said...

Yay I had a great year too :O)

I hope next year is a great one for us all also!!

Heather said...

Oh she's adorable!
Lovely to meet you in 2011! Wishing you all of the continued success in 2012!

linda said...

Love Little Nore's Christmas picture. No doubt 2012 will be just as exciting and successful for you as this one.

Helen said...

Although I have only just found your blog I am glad I have. You have such wonderful illustrations.

I am so pleased it's been a great year for you and I hope that 2012 lives up to all your dreams and more.

Love and light ~ Helen

Heidi M said...

has been lovely to meet you all, and thanks for your comments (((hugs )) x

Helen Clancy said...

I am new to your blog too but I am really looking forward to following Little Nore throughout 2012!! So glad to have found another crafty friend!! Merry Christmas !! xx :0)

Bryony said...

Hey Heidi,

That's a fantastic list of achievements for 2011! Looking forward to seeing what 2012 brings for you :) x

BlackPumpkin said...

Love your Etsy shop and your art!!

Sarah SJ said...

Hoping you have a fab 2012 too :) x

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