Fairy Tales and Lots of Frogs

Fairy Tales and Frogs. I have always loved Fairy Tales and Fables and this has been the subject of my latest illustrations. But i have never been what you would call a "Princess" a sugar coated pink creation.I was more a tom boy seeking out the more twisted tales and there is a lot of twisted tales when you read beneath the Disney gloss.

 One part of the fairy tales i can identify with is Frogs, and lots of em !! Yeuckk !

Had to kiss a few frogs in my time !!! and i have a bit of a fear of them in case they jump down my top !
When i read Fairy Tales i often wondered what happened to the other characters like the Ugly sisters ?

So here are some of my latest work...i really enjoyed creating them and want to do some more.These are ACEOS , that i made for my ETSY shop http://www.etsy.com/people/LittleNore but i was thinking maybe prints or paintings- develop them further

So what are your favourite Fairy Tales or Fables ? Would love to hear from you 

Heidi xxx


Di said...

I always wanted to try doing ACEOS but sometimes I think I've spread myself to thin as it is. Good luck with the ETSY sales.

Cajame said...

Have you (or considered) printing fabric? Would look fabulous

Heidi M said...

Thanks Di for the good luck, i feel i need it with ETSY it is so complicated getting people to find your shop...anyway if you do try ACEOS i would love to see them :D

Cajame i would love to do printed fabric if i could find out how to get my designs printed them i would go for it. :D

ersi marina said...

Hello Heidi! I like frogs too and I think they generally behave much better than princes do. It must be because they are not so conceited! I live right next to a beautiful river and I can hear a serenade of frogs every night. They never sing out of tune ;) Your sketches are beautiful, I'm looking forward to more!

Megan Jeffery said...

Hi there -- read the comments about printing your own fabric. Do you know about Spoonflower?


I've never used them personally, so can't give a testimonial, but it may be something worth looking into!

Love your fairy tale themed characters; I, too, am always inspired by the same. :-)

Heidi M said...

ersi - the serenade from frogs sounds magical :D

Megan- thank you for the info on spoonflower- really helped me, hoping to get some fabric printed in the next few weeks :D

Megan Jeffery said...

Oh, great! Glad the tip was helpful. :-)

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